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Re: British Museum scale plastic models

I have also a Stenonychosaurus (Troodon) from the same BM Invicta
collection. It is out of scale  with respect to others and lacks the sickle
claw, but it is nice.
Lots of dinomodels and dinotoys are featured in the magazine Prehistoric
Times  I saw by a friend. But I suspect this is not new for you U.S. guys ;-)

At 20.00 26/11/01 -0600, you wrote:
>Definitely. I have the more accurate ones you mentioned plus a few more. The
>other ones I remember are:
>There may be others. The company that made them, Invicta, started painting
>them too. You can find them on eBay at times.
>Hope this helps,
>Greg Popwell
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>Subject: British Museum scale plastic models
>> Anyone remember those?
>> There was a whole series of these, and you could follow paleontologic
>> research from the oldest models (Iguanodon, ?1978) to the latest
>> and muttaburrasaurus).
>> on the under side of them, they had a "british museum"-stamp of some kind,
>> and a indication of lenght in metres, and name, and they were all in scale
>> (except for troodon (in this case stenonychosaurus) and the blue
>> And they were in solid plastic and color, and perfect for doing weight
>> measuring.
>> I got a little over twenty in the series, i just wonder if anyone else
>> remember these, or got the collection, and can give me a site on the net
>> where these figures may be featured, or listed.
>> thanks
>> -DinosØMP
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