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First Frontier and Dr. James Kirkland

Dear Dinolist:

        I have just finished rereading the "Star Trek" novel First Frontier, 
Dr. James Kirkland of Dinamation as co-author.
        Captain Kirk and his crew are at the KT boundary, waiting for the 
bolide. They find that the troodonts have developed the beginnings of an
advanced intelligence. They have a rudimentary language, and they cooperate
in hunting groups under a leader. Without the bolide, earth's intelligent
species would have been dinosaurian, and the mammals would have continued as
small niche animals.
        Kirkland writes, "I realized dinosaurs have no more in common with 
than do birds or mammals. They were the most successful creatures in
history. . . . They outcompeted all others, including mammals. In fact,
they're still not extinct. They survive today in the form of their
descendants, the birds.
        ". . . They were driven out by an extraordinary event -- the impact of 
asteroid ten miles or more in diameter. During the past decade [before 1995]
evidence has led to discovery of the "bullet hole," a crater 185 miles
across and more than 12 miles deep on the north side of the Yucatan, known
as the Chixulub crater."

Peace and grace,

Bill Olewiler +
Pastor, Beulah and St. Paul United Methodist Churches
Mathews County, Virginia
Billwiz of Griffyndor

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