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Age of formations

     -Palynomorphs are said to correlate the Tsagayan with the Wodehousia spinata palynozone in NA.  Is a Lancian age necessarily implied, or certain?

      -If Anchiceratops etc from the lower Horseshoe Canyon are of Late Campanian age, what ceratopsides are now known from the Early Maastrichtian, and from what units?

      -Does a Late Maastrichtian age for the Nemegt seem likely now, considering that upper Horseshoe Canyon strata extend into Late Maastrichtian time and some Nemegtian taxa, notably T. bataar , suggest an age intermediate between Horseshoe Canyon and Hell Creek?

      -I noticed that Euoplocephalus was not included in the faunal lists for Horseshoe Canyon units.  Coombs mentioned Euoplocephalus remains from member B (unit 2?) of the H.C. on 1986.  What ankylosaurid remains span the interval between the Late Campanian?  H.C. Euoplocephalus and the Lancian Ankylossurus?

      -Exactly where were the holotypes of Tarchia and Therizinosaurus found?  I think the Soviet expedition of 1948 established a camp at Red Walls.

      -How good is the evidence for a late Maastrichtian age for the Javelina?  Prof. Williamson cited Tyrannosaurus-like elements as evidence for a Lancian age for the Naashoibito and McRae.  Does Javelina material eg TMM41436-1, suggest a smaller, hence earlier tyrannosaur?