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Glut's Second Supplement!

I received Don Glut's second Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia supplement today.  I 
was very thoroughly impressed.  Don has done it again, and, dare I say it, may 
have produced the best volume yet in his series.  

This new one has a really nice review of the major dinosaur genera, including 
lots of information on many of the newer finds (Microraptor, the Thescelosaurus 
heart, biomechanics, etc.).  And, I see that the book has been dedicated to 
Tracy Ford!  

I was also very happy to see that some of my work was cited in the text 
(relating to Sue and sexual dimorphism).  It's gratifying for a younger person 
such as myself to see their work cited. The work of many other listmembers 
(George Olshevsky, Darren Naish, Tom Holtz, Tracy, Andy Farke, Fabio Dalla 
Vecchia, etc.) is also included.  

This is definitely a must-have volume!


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