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RE: Glut's Second Supplement!

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Sent: Tuesday, November 27, 2001 4:08 PM
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Subject: Glut's Second Supplement!

I received Don Glut's second Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia supplement today.
I was very thoroughly impressed.  Don has done it again, and, dare I say it,
may have produced the best volume yet in his series.

This new one has a really nice review of the major dinosaur genera,
including lots of information on many of the newer finds (Microraptor, the
Thescelosaurus heart, biomechanics, etc.).  And, I see that the book has
been dedicated to Tracy Ford! <<

OH GREAT, thanks. Don has been telling me he had something special for me
but wouldn't tell me what it was. Now I find out before I get my copy! :)


Tracy L. Ford
P. O. Box 1171
Poway Ca  92074