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Re: Deynonychosaurus skull

Øyvind M. Padron wrote-

> I just wonder if there's any more complete Deinonychus skulls known, and
> if not, what are the exact remains of the skull?

Cranial remains of Deinonychus known are-
* some of these also contain postcranial elements, which are not listed.
(MCZ 4371) snout fragments, mandibular fragments, teeth (Ostrom, 1976)
(MOR 747) anterior dentary (Maxwell 1997)
(MOR coll.) maxilla, nasal, lacrimal, jugal, prefrontal, frontal, parietal,
quadrate, laterosphenoid, methesmoid, braincase, ectopterygoid, palatine,
teeth, other skull material (Maxwell 1995, Maxwell 1997)
(OMNH 50268) partial prootic, occiput, 26 teeth
(YPM 5210) (partial skull 364 mm) jugal, postorbital, quadratojugals,
squamosals, ectopterygoid, pterygoids, vomer, dentary, splenial, surangular,
angular, prearticulars, articular, 39 teeth (Ostrom, 1969)
(YPM 5232) partial skull (332 mm) including premaxillae, maxilla, nasals,
lacrimal, jugals, postorbitals, squamosal, quadratojugal, palatine, vomer,
dentaries, angular, articulars, 33 teeth (Ostrom, 1969)
(YPM 5233) ectopterygoid, pterygoid (Ostrom, 1969)
(YPM 5234) surangular (Ostrom, 1969)
(YPM 5237) splenial (Ostrom, 1969)
(YPM 5238) splenial (Ostrom, 1969)
(YPM 5239) pterygoid (Ostrom, 1969)

> I allso found a picture of a nearly complete Dromaeosaurus skull, lacking
> the posterior skull roof,

(AMNH 5356) (skull 240 mm) posterior premaxilla, two premaxillary teeth,
ventral maxillae, ventral and dorsal lacrimal fragments, jugals, partial
squamosal, quadratojugals, quadrates, incomplete frontals, parietals (lost),
braincase, ectopterygoid, epipterygoid, palatine fragment, pterygoid, vomer
fragment, partial sclerotic ring, lower jaw, maxillary teeth (to 15 mm)
dentary teeth (to 14 mm), hyoids (Colbert and Russell 1969, Currie 1995)
(CMN 1249) frontal (Sues 1978)
partial dentary (Currie 1987)

> and I'm allso curious about the skull remains of Saurornithoides (i've got
> a photo the Tyrell Museum's skeleton casts, but casts doesn't help me

I presume you mean Saurornitholestes-
(RTMP 74.10.5) maxillary tooth (9.2 mm), quadrate, frontals, ectopterygoid,
anterior dentary tooth (8.9 mm) (Sues, 1978)
(CMN 12343) frontal (Sues, 1978)
(CMN 12354) frontal (Sues, 1978)
(RTMP 88.121.39) cranial elements including quadratojugal, lower jaw
(dentary 120 mm), teeth (to 9 mm)
(SMP VP-1270) frontal (Sullivan and Lucas, 2000)
(UA 5283) posterior frontal (Sues, 1978)
(UA 12091) dentary (Sues 1977)
(UA 12339) dentary (Sues 1977)
(UCMP 13684) dentary fragment (Carpenter 1982)
(UCMP 125238) dentary fragment (Carpenter 1982)
I would be careful about assigning any of these besides RTMP 74.10.5 to
Saurornitholestes.  It's been common practice to assign "velociraptorine"
material from the Late Cretaceous of North America to this genus, but as
several other taxa are now known to exist (eg. Bambiraptor, new short-faced
form), this must now be viewed with caution.

Mickey Mortimer