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Re: Metatarsal traces

>     The best reasons I can think of for this sort of behavior would be the
need to increase the area of the animal's feet (think snowshoes) in very
muddy areas, and the use of crouching amid low-growing vegetation to conceal
a stalking predator.<
I've heard this theory before, I think by Glen Kuban (?), in relation to the
metatarsal traces in Texas...but it doesn't make too much since for
concealment, since It might crouch down on its left one step, and then put
it's right foot digigrade, which would seem to negate the hiding properties.
Traction does make sense, since you're only getting tracks in muddy, bad
traction places anyways...but the randomness and frequency...must be some
bad ground.

>     My $.02, if it's worth that much!<
:) at least you've got a good idea.

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