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RE: New JVP: no dinosaurs

<<This issue is dedicated to the 9th INTERNATIONAL MEETING ON EARLY
VERTEBRATES/LOWER VERTEBRATES (aka fish, although there is one paper on the
"boomerang-head" amphibian _Diplocaulus_).

So, for the first time in ages, no dinosaur or other archosaur papers in the

I must say that, although there are no archosaurs in this issue, there is
some pretty cool stuff in it.  The Diplocaulus paper by Rinehart and Lucas
uses statistical analysis to describe the ontogeny of the taxon.  They have
since applied this technique to try and detect sexual dimorphism in
Coelophysis...see their abstract for this years SVP meeting.  Also, the fish
on the cover is just cool...

Randall Irmis

"They [paleontologists] are the medicine-men of today."
-My roommate