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Re: New JVP: no dinosaurs

At least there won't be any mammals, either.  I'll take fish any day over
parsing terms like "selenolophodontiform postmetaconulid cristae."  I like
dinosaurs.  A couple of basic types of teeth, minor variations, and they
shed like cat fur.

--Toby White

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Subject: New JVP: no dinosaurs

> Greetings,
> Just noticed that the latest issue of Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology
> (December 2001) is online (for those with access) at:
> e=04
> This issue is dedicated to the 9th INTERNATIONAL MEETING ON EARLY
> VERTEBRATES/LOWER VERTEBRATES (aka fish, although there is one paper on
> "boomerang-head" amphibian _Diplocaulus_).
> So, for the first time in ages, no dinosaur or other archosaur papers in
> issue.
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