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Re: Age of the Amur region, and the Horseshoe Canyon and Javelina formations (was: Re: Age of formations)

> The specimens referable to Torosaurus are pretty scrappy, at best. The
    Scrappy? From the Javelina? Never! :)

> Javelina Formation material includes an incomplete parietal and a
> postorbital horn core that resembles that of every other large
> chasmosaurine.
    So was I, for a long time, but Lehman wore me down on the TMM parietal.
In all fairness, it isn't really fantastic stuff, but to my eye the parietal
resembles Torosaurus a whole bunch. The horn core... well... Anyway, I'll
defer to your judgement on that one.

    BTW: There is more from the Javelina, but it isn't cranial so no one