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Re: Dinosaur sculpting questions


If you would like to contact me off of the list I would be glad to give you the few pointers that I have... there are probably more accomplished sculptors on the list who can provide better advice, but I do have quite a bit of experience with sculpey, good and bad.

I noticed that you use hotmail, if you sign up for MSN messenger service you can contact me through fossilsmith@hotmail.com and save waiting on email or spending $$$ on a phone call.

Allan D. Smith Fossilsmith Studios http://www.fossilsmith.com

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Are there any books ( still in print) or websites that provide detailed information on building  standing dinosaur models? I'm looking for help with Super Sculpty armatures.I really want to start doing dynamic pieces but I am reluctant just to start  soldering pieces of copper together to make an armature that just MIGHT stand up .I am interested in any thing that might be published by any accomplished sculptors,or just personal experience.
thanks for you time! any help will be appreciated greatly.
Stacey Burgess
Corona Borealis

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