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new book on italian dinosaurs

Dear all,
just for your knowledge (I am not among the authors, so it is not self promotion) that a high level divulgation book (this is the aim of the authors) on all the so far discovered italian dinosaurs has been published.
It should be already available, surely it'll be around Xmas. In many cases not only specimens but also localities, geology, paleoenvironments etc. are described.
The preface is by Phil Currie.
Scypionyx, The saltriosaur (unnamed theropod from Saltrio) , the adrosaur from Trieste are featured, along with dinosaur trackways and other non dinosaurian stuff, like the shastasaurid ichthyosaur Besanosaurus, the pterosaur Eudimorphodon, and Tanystropheus.
It is on the cheap side (29,000 it lire, about 15 US dollars), paperback with BW photos & illustrations. Good photos and very nice artwork but, **you are warned**, it is written in Italian :-/

For those who may be interested:

authors:        Cristiano dal Sasso & Giuseppe Brillante
editor:         Marsilio  (Venice, Italy)
ISBN 88-317-7554-5.

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