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Australia's Polar Dinosaurs

This is a PSA sent on behalf of Peter Szanton who apparently is not
subscribed to the list -- MPR

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Australia's Polar Dinosaurs*
Lecture with Dr. Thomas Rich

Sunday, December 2
2:00 PM
at the
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, Jean Delacour Auditorium
Members (Museum or Earthwatch) and Students: $7  General Admission: $9

Join paleontologist Dr. Thomas Rich, co-author of "Dinosaurs of
Darkness," for a fascinating illustrated talk on polar dinosaurs.  Hear
about the unique assemblage of dinosaurs that has been collected in
southeastern Australia during the past two decades and how the polar
conditions under which they lived made them unique.

For reservations or more information, please call (213) 763-3534.  The
Natural History Museum is located at 900 Exposition Boulevard in
Exposition Park.

*This lecture is part of Earthwatch Lecture Series co-sponsored by the
Earthwatch Institute.
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