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RE: 2 become 1 (spinosaurian & titanosaurian)

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> Øyvind M. Padron
> What are the actual possibilities for Nemegtosaurus to be the head of
> Opisthocoelicaudia and Angaturama to be the snout of Irritator?
> Both cases seems pretty obvious, so there must be some other kind of
> evidence keeping them apart as separate genera?

Chances are exceedingly good for both, but what is needed for some workers
would be the actual physical connection (i.e., an _Opisthocoelicaudia_ head
on a _Nemegtosaurus_ postcranium and an _Angaturama_ snout attached to an
_Irritator_ skull).  Without that evidence, those workers would prefer to
keep the names separate.  However, there is at present no evidence
demonstrating that these taxon pairs are NOT synonyms.

Several authors (Sereno et al. 1998; other workers, in press) already DO
formally regard _Angaturama_ as a junior synonym of _Irritator_.

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