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Re: Age of the Amur region,and the Horseshoe Canyon and Javelinaformations (was: Re: Age of formations)

R. Irmis wrote:

> Has anyone actually looked long and hard at the postcrania of
> hadrosaurs, ceratopsians, and others to actually try and find apomorphies?

    Well, as it turns out, HP Brett-Surman pioneered the study of hadrosaur
postcrania, in his MS thesis (1975), and continued this work in his doctoral
dissertation (1988). A number of other unpublished sources (Davies, 1983;
Wagner 2001), as well as several published papers (Weishampel and Horner
1990, Weishampel et al. 1993; Godefroit et al. 1998, 2000) a recent paper by
Head which I have, but I don't have the reference handy for) have
specifically addressed some characters of the hadrosaur postcranium, and
more will certainly be accomplished on this front in the future. So, never
fear, the hadrosaur workers are trying to keep our end up.

    Ceratopsian workers seem to have explored this avenue less aggressively,
although certainly details of the  prepubic process and the curvature of the
ischium have received attention.

    Apologies to any and all author omitted here, I was merely trying to
give a sampling...

    Hope this helps,



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