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RE: New studies

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Subject: New studies

Dear Hps, it's not dino-related but I'd like to know if any new studies
have been carried out about mesosaurs recently.

Thanks in advance and have a good week end

There have been a few

Modesto, S. P., 1998, The anatomy and historical ecology of Mesosaurs, the
oldest amniotes known from Gondwana: In: Journal of African Earth Sciences,
v. 27, number 1A July 1998: Special Abstracts Issue, Gondwana 10: Event
Stratigraphy of Gondwana, p. 118-119.
Modesto, S. P., 1999, Observations on the structure of the Early Permian
Reptile Stereosternum tumidum Cope: Palaeontographica africana, v. 35, p.

Pickford, M., 1995, Karoo supergroup Paleontology of Namibia and Brief
description of a Thecodont from Omingonde: Palaeontographica africana, v.
32, p. 51-66.

Rossmann, T., 2000, Alfred Wegener und die Mesosaurier: Nautr und Museum, v.
130, n. 11: 378-388.
Rossmann, T., 2000, Studien an Mesosauriern (Amniota inc. ded.:
Mesosauridae): 2. Neue Erkenntnisse zur Anatomie, mit Berucksichtigung der
Taxonomie von Mesosaurus pleurogaster (Seeley): Senckenbergiana Lethaea, v.
80, n. 1, p. 13-28.
Rossmann, T., and Maisch M. W., 1999, Das Mesosaurier-Material in der
Bayerischen Staatssammlung fur Palaontologie und Historische Geologie:
Ubersicht und neue Erkenntnisse: Mitteilungen der Bayerischen Staatssammlung
fur Palaontologie und  historishce Geologie,v. 39, p. 69-83.

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