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Re: Feduccia's delusion

In a message dated 11/30/01 11:46:05 AM, gbabcock@best.com writes:

<< Why would the unsubstantiated opinion that birds must be derived from some
mysterious unknown group of non-theropod REPTILES make them superior in some
way?  >>

Well, that was not the question. It was the use of two common terms, reptile 
and bird,  in order to 
disrespect other scientists.

If you said that both dinosaurs and birds were diapsids, I'm pretty sure 
nobody would disagree with you. However, to the public at large, reptile and 
bird are very different things entirely.

Let me take a different example which you're not emotionally involved with:

About five years ago, it was discovered that Pluto was a bit smaller than it 
was thought, and there was a movement to strip away it's status as the ninth 

While this plan failed to be passed by the International Astronomical 
authorities, the people at the American Museam of Natural History, decided to 
"get rid of" Pluto, and one of the ramifications was the cancellation of the 
"Pluto/Keuper Express" space probe. After all, if Pluto isn't a REAL planet, 
then why bother studying it? The largest asteroid, Ceres, has never been been 
observed by the hubble. 'Tain't important.

Get it?

eric l.