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maniraptoran pubic retroversion

Dear All,
One of the evolutionary trends that seem to distinguish maniraptors is the development of mesopuby and/or opisthopuby. The major exception seems to be the oviraptorosaurs.
The question is whether oviraptorosaurs are primitively propubic, or if they (as recently topologies might suggest) they evolved de-retroverted pubes as a reversal. Is there anything in their pubes that might suggest secondary propuby (de-retroversion) as opposed to primary propuby? The same question might be asked about some troodonts, varying from mesopuby to propuby (but again is this a de-retroverted secondary propuby?).
I guess what I am asking is whether mesopuby-opisthopuby is perhaps a good synapomorphy of Maniraptora, with reversals in oviraptorosaurs and some troodonts. If so, what might be the reason for such a reversal?
----- Thanks, Ken Kinman

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