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Re: Asian Pterosaurs (David Peters Site)

At 14.12 28/09/01, you wrote:
>>Dave says he decided to close the website down due to lack of interest by 
>>other pterosaurologists. He figures he could spend the $$$ better 
>I'm very saddened to here that...While I didn't agree with his conclusions 
>on pterosaur posture and stance, it was a great resource for those of us 
>that love those little critters.
>I just wonder if it's closure had anything to do with the recent pterosaur 
>meeting...in Spain was it? I thought if anything the meeting would generate 
>more interest in his site.
No, he closed the site before the meeting (btw it was in Toulouse, France).
 I also complain about the closure of the site, even if  I did not agree
with him about some of his ideas. Apart for (obviously)  pterosaurs, it was
among the very few sites in which one could have found references and
drawings about prolacertiforms, drepanosaurids and Sharovipteryx. 
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