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Re: Largest Dinosaur?

ArtSippo@aol.com wrote-

> What are the latest estimates of the weights of Argyrosaurus, and
> How does Amphicoelias fragillimus compare to them in estimated size and
weight?  (I know that the only part of Amphicoelias fragillimus ever found
was a thigh bone which has since disappeared.)

Argyrosaurus superbus- 28.3 meters, 45-55 tons
Paralititan stromeri- 31.9 meters, 65-80 tons
Argentinosaurus huinculensis- 34.6 meters, 80-100 tons
Bruhathkayosaurus matleyi- 44.1 meters, 175-220 tons
Amphicoelias fragilimus- 56-62 meters, 125-170 tons

Mickey Mortimer