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Titanosaurs too Large?

Mike Taylor recently asked me where I got my size estimates for Argyrosaurus and in the process made me realize my estimates for all titanosaurs are much too large.  I've been basing these estimates (http://www.cmnh.org/fun/dinosaur-archive/2001Sep/msg00268.html) on Greg Paul's 1993 reconstruction of Argentinosaurus, also using the limb proportions of Aegyptosaurus.  Mike wondered which fairly complete titanosaurs were the basis of such reconstructions, so I decided to use the few relatively complete titanosaur skeletons to estimate the giants' length instead.  I used Carpenter's (in Glut 1997) reconstruction of Saltasaurus, Paul's (1997) reconstruction of Opisthocoelicaudia and Curry Rogers and Forster's (2001) reconstruction of Rapetosaurus.  The only other fairly complete titanosaurs I know of are either undescribed or not accompanied by skeletal reconstructions (eg. Titanosaurus colberti).  In any case, using these skeletons to estimate the size of titanosaurs results in lengths only 65-75% of what I posted earlier based on Paul's Argentinosaurus reconstruction.  So my new estimates for giant titanosaurs' lengths are-
Argyrosaurus- 18-22 meters
Antarctosaurus? giganteus- 19-23 meters
Paralititan- 20-24 meters
Argentinosaurus- 22-26 meters
Bruhathkayosaurus- 28-34 meters
I no longer have a mass estimate I consider accurate, so cannot give those to you at this time.  Sorry for any inconvenience my previous estimates may have caused.
Mickey Mortimer