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Valley of the T. rex, Raptor Red, and Maniraptoran Tyrannosaurs

I finally watched "Valley of the T. rex".

Quick list of the dinos in it: Tyrannosaurus, Saurornitholestes, Triceratops, Ornithomimus, Anatotitan

non-dinosaur: Quetzalcoatlus

The computer animation was superb and to answer an earlier post, the reason that the imagery looks recycled is because the graphics team also did "When Dinosaurs Roamed America".

Jack Horner should receive points for endurance for holding tight to his theory. Summed up: 100% terrestrial scavengers are impossible because a ground animal like a T. rex can't cover the range that aerialists like the vulture can effectively. If you throw Horner's plodding opinion in, it becomes all the more difficult for such an animal.

Femur/Tibia ratios were wrong because he based his claim on the Wankel rex which, from what I understand, had broken lower leg elements that had to be reconstructed. Besides, mounts at Carnegie and Washington don't show this arrangement at all. BTW, the new mount at Carnegie is great!

I just finished my library copy of "Raptor Red" for the second time. Nice book! The pictures were really good and very similar to the style used in The Dinosaur Heresies.

New phylo-analysis produced this.

 |--"therizinosaur/oviraptorosaur" clade
    |  |--Avialae
    |  |  |--Aves
    |  |  `--"Troodontoidea"
    |  `--Dromaeosauria
    `--Tyrannoraptora (T1)
       `--Tyrannosauroidea (T2)
                |--Basal Tyrannosaurids
                            |?-"T." megagracilis (Dinotyrannus)
                            |?-"T." lancensis (Nanotyrannus)
                            `--T. rex

(T1) semi-lunate carpal degenerates.
(T2) tyrannosaur design appears and arctomet begins
(T3) arctomet developed, specialized braincase features, etc.

Anyone want to comment?

Does anyone know anything new about "Tyrannosaurus imperator"?

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