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re: pterosaur wings and refs

Jim, you are correct. I do mean inboard. I wasn't considering outboard
where the actinofibrils spread like a Japanese fan from full extension
to near invisibility when the wing is folded.


David Peters wrote:
>> (Jim) Particularly since it seems that the chord is actively
> Not variable. Sorry. The actinofibrils will not permit it.  BTW, Just
>out the reference will be Historical
> Biology 15, pp. 277-301.

Oh yes, they will permit it outboard of the elbow.  Provision for chord
variation appears to be one of their critical functions, as an
anti-flutter, anti-bistable device.  It may not be happening in quite
the way you anticipate.  Inboard of and near the elbow, I don't think
they permit it to any great extent.

All be best,