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Re: dinosaur vision

REPLY: Mickey Rowe's brilliant elucidation is referred
to me in my own book-in-progress in several instances,
and I have long hoped he would collaborate with Kent
Stevens et al. on a monograph on all of the data which
can be obtained from dinosaur skulls re: vision. In
England, to be sure, the work of one scholar on the
vision of living dinosaurs is pivotal for any work on
pre-K/T inferences.
To your list of the works of Ryosuke Motani, I would
add his 1997  Phylogeny of the Ichthyosauria (Amniota:
Reptilia) with special reference to Triassic
forms.Ph.D. dissertation, Univ. Toronto, 384pp. I am
not sure which issue of Scientific American you are
referring to, but my copy states 283(6):30-37.
--- "Jaime A. Headden" <qilongia@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Stephan Pickering (stefanpickering2002@yahoo.com)
> wrote:
> <Strange that, in the literature on the subject of
> dinosaur vision (UV and
> otherwise), an interesting source has gone
> unmentioned, as far as I can
> tell: Stanley Martin Ritland, 1982. The allometry of
> the vertebrate eye.
> Ph.D. disertation, Univ. Chicago, 1885 pp [in 4
> vols.]>
>   Largely because dissertations don't count as
> papers, and are often
> discouraged from citation. However, directly
> referring to use of eye
> anatomy and allometry in extinct animals, Motani has
> gone to some length
> in working on eye anatomy in ichthyosaurs, and the
> present experts on
> *Architeuthis* (giant squid) have used such data to
> infer the habitat of
> the animal, along with other data. However, more
> relevant to dinosaurs and
> perhaps the only actual paper on any dinosaur eye
> and its vision
> capability, is this:
>   Rowe, M.P. 2000. Inferring the retinal anatomy and
> visual capacities of
> extinct vertebrates. _Palaeontologica Electronica_
> 3(1): 43pp.
>   Mickey Rowe, our own list administrator, has put
> his own opthamalogical
> expertise to the drawing board in using Witmer's EPB
> to work out likely
> eye acuity and vision capability issues.
>   Other refs on fossil eyes using allometry and
> inferrence:
>   Motani R. 2000. Rulers of the jurassic seas.
> _Scientific American_ Dec.
> 2000: 52-59.
>   Motani R.; Rothschild, B.M.; Wahl, W., Jr. 1999.
> Large eyes in deep
> diving ichthyosaurs. _Nature_ 402: 747.
>   Motani R. 2001. What ichthyosaurs saw. _Aera Mook_
> 66: 148-152. [In
> Japanese].
>   Cheers,
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