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The Birds

About dinosaurs and disease. Like many cities Baltimore developed an enormous 
winter crow popoulation in the 90s. Near the JHU campus I've twice seen 
flocks of at least 300 birds. They often congregate before twilight in trees 
at the art museum next to campus, then soar east to roost in the night in 
assorted trees (which it is a mistake to park one's car beneath). Sometimes 
it looks like a Hitchcock flick. 

Crows are supposed to be extremely vulnerable to West Nile virus, with 
mortality rates approaching 100%. Over the summer wondered how many crows 
would return. Somewhat to my surprise the local superflock is back. Not sure 
whether it is as large as before but a lot of the derived dinosaurs about 
dodged the WN bullet this year. Although crows are interesting would actually 
like to see fewer since they leave so many little gifts. 

Am not one of those who would like to have the great passenger pigeon flocks 
of yore flying over head. Mourning doves do just fine. 

G Paul