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More old texts

I've been busy this week-end- another old text added to the plesiosaur site:

H T De la Beche and The Rev W D Conybeare, 1821; Notice of the discovery of
a new Fossil Animal, forming a link between the Ichthyosaurus and Crocodile,
together -with general remarks on the Osteology of the Ichthyosaurus;
Transactions of the Geological Society of London, Second series, Vol 5 (4)
pp 559-594.

I am indebted to Mark Evans for providing me with a copy of this paper. He
also pointed out to me the footnote on page 560-561, which is an indictment
of the concept of evolution: "an idea so monstrous, and so completely at
variance with the structure of the peculiar organs considered in the detail
(which is in the great majority of instances such that no conceivable
appetency could have any conceivable tendency to produce it) and no less so
with the evident permanency of all animal forms, that nothing less than the
credulity of a material philosophy could have been brought for a single
moment to entertain it-nothing less than its bigotry to defend it."

Richard Forrest