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Regarding Cearadactylus as a gnathosaurine ctenochasmatid ctenochasmatoid.

Dave Peters wrote:

>This will surprise many.

Not if they read my papers it won't. I've suggested this a couple of times, see 
for example Unwin et al. 2000. On the systematic and stratigraphic significance 
of pterosaurs from the Lower Cretaceous Yixian Formation (Jehol Group) of 
Liaoning, China. Mitteilungen Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, 
Geowissenschaftlichen Reihe, 3, 181-206 fig 4, and Unwin, 2001, An overview of 
the pterosaur assemblage from the Cambridge Greensand (Cretaceous) of Eastern 
England. Mitteilungen Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, Geowissenschaftlichen 
Reihe, 4, 189-222, p. 216. 

Then he wrote:

>If the work is published, 

Yes it is. 

Then came: 

>can you summarize or provide the important distinguishing characters?

I could, but I won't. If you are interested in this subject you need to read 
all the paper. So I'll send you a reprint. 



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