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Re: Further pot stirring in regard to Peters' "Roadkills" thread

Chris Bennett wrote:

> In my opinion, if someone "finds" something on a specimen and wishes to
> publish on it, it is then incumbent on that person to find a way to make
> that finding readily apparent to others.

Re my comment about finding a previously undocumented room on Hall 'F'
at the Vinland settlement at L'anse Aux Meadows, I worked with Birgitta
Wallace Ferguson (Parks Canada archeologist for the site), and we later
identified traces of the pertinent exterior walls on snapshots taken
during origninal excavation.  The wall itself was destroyed early on
during original excavation when the temporary protective building was
constructed over Hall 'F' because its foundation occupied the same space
as the original wall. There was no effort to publish. The 'new' room was
simply added to the site reconstructions.

And re my comment about seeing texture on the 'sole' of a manus print,
the particular print hasn't been written up, and it isn't my place to
attempt to do so (ain't my specialty).  It has been called to the
attention of the guy who has custody over the track(s).