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Re: Pterosaur wings clarification (quite long)

Jaime A. Headden wrote:
>   Narrow-winged: Where the chord is relatively short, with a high aspect
> ratio; and deep-winged: where the chord is relatively long, with a low
> aspect ratio. Both used in comparison to each other, and a standard
> "normal" wing to indicate which is narrow to which is deep is neccessary.
> A general sum where both values are given from a similar brachiopatagium
> design can be used to fix the "narrowness index."

Aspect ratio is the 'narrowness index', since it is specified as the
span^2/area.  For a given span, giving the aspect ratio defines the area
and vice versa.

>   Bird-winged: Having the trailing edge perpendicular to the chord for its
> entire extent, no taper to the ankle.

Trailing edge  (even in birds) is not perpendicular to the chord.