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RE: Request Time, I summon thee dinosaur lovers:)

Øyvind Padron wrote:

> Gojirasaurus

Unfortunately, the type specimen came sans head, which makes any
reconstruction from the neck up highly speculative.  There is a possibility
that _Gojirasaurus_ and _Shuvosaurus_ are the same genus, which would
provide _Gojirasaurus_ with a _Shuvosaurus_ head (or rather _Shuvosaurus_
with a _Gojirasaurus_ body).  This referral would mean that the tooth found
associated with the _Gojirasaurus_ specimen does not belong to the genus and
was left behind by a predator or scavenger.  This is actually rather common
- remember the teratosaurids, with their carnivore teeth and prosauropod

> Hypselosaurus
> Pelorosaurus

Both are probably nomina dubia.