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Re: Request Time, I summon thee dinosaur lovers:)

Dan Bensen wrote-

> >> Enantiornis<<
> There's a skeletal reconstruction in Chatterjee's The Rise of Birds and
> a similar one in Feduccia's The Origin and Evolution of Birds.  Both use
> Gobiopteryx as the basis for the head.
> My own restoration
> http://www.bowdoin.edu/~dbensen/Dinosaurs/Enantiornisleali.html
> is based upon these two skeletal reconstructions, and is fairly
> accurate, as far as it goes.

Chatterjee's reconstruction is largely hypothetical.  Your restoration is
very good, but the material is just too limited to make any such drawing
representative of the taxon.  Known material is limited to-
Holotype- (PVL-4035) (~1.0 m) proximal scapula, coracoid (118 mm), proximal
Referred- (PVL-4020) pectoral girdle and forelimb elements
(PVL-4023) proximal ulna
(PVL 4049) metacarpus
(PVL-4055) scapulae
(PVL-4181) ulna

> >>Protopteryx<<
> Depending upon what you want to do with the information, the photos of
> the fossils for Protopteryx are pretty good, no matter what HP Mortimer
> says. :)
> There's a good photo of the skull at this site (even if the text is
> unreadable to those of us who don't know Hangul or Chinese):
> http://www.dinooption.co.kr/dino02/sos009.htm

I definitely think a restoration can be made from the material, and the one
you linked is pretty good, as is your own (
http://www.bowdoin.edu/~dbensen/Dinosaurs/Protopteryxfengningensis.html ).
Those who have a free partial subscription to Science can see the original
.jpeg .

Mickey Mortimer