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Sinosauropteryx feathers?

Last week I posted the message below. So far I've only had one reply....Come
on, some of you must have an opinion on whether or not Sinosauropteryx could
have had contour feathers. *Any* response will be greatly appreciated!

Previous message: "I'm working on a restoration of Sinosauropteryx, and I'm
unsure if I should give it simple, hair-like bristle feathers, or more
bird-like, body contour feathers.

I'm leaning toward the birdy contour types. I know the Sinosauropteryx
specimens appear to have fibrous bristles, but as Greg Paul points out in
DA, "the preservation of these dinosaurs' body plumage is strikingly similar
to the irregular, fibrous appearance of body feathers that surround fossil
birds....It is therefore possible that some of the dinosaurs' feathers were
more complex than they appear."

Also, Ji and Ji report that GMV2124 preserves a "foliated feather...2.3cm
long, 1.1cm wide, with feather axis."

So, bristles or body-contours....
Opinions, please."

Michael Lovejoy