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Re: pterosaur wings and scans

Chris Bennett considered my failure to open some of his images as sounding
Hoping for the best, I reopened your website and this is what I found:

Figure 1. Anuro. with red box around skull.
Figure 2. 2 broken picture box icons, side by side.
Figure 3. A very tall line drawing of a slice of skull area.
Figure 4. A very big closeup.
Figures 5-9. 2 broken picture box icons, side by side. Sorry.
Figure 10. Photo image
Figure 11. Line image on left plus broken picture box icon on right.
Figure 12-13. Two broken picture box icons, side by side.
Figure 14. Photo image
Figure 15. Line image.
Figure 16. one broken picture box icon.

>From past experience at creating websites it is my experience that not
everything translates between the PC and the Mac, to my regret in this
instance. I know you went to a lot of trouble creating the site, and I hope
everyone learned alot from it, especially how wonderfully close one can get to
a published fossil specimen. Not having a PC, or much experience with one, I
cannot offer you any solutions.

You cannot be as frustrated as I am. I want to see your work!

David Peters