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Re: ptero-scans, addendum

I don't know why it took me over an hour to consider the following:

Re: Recent postings of my Anurognathus tracings on the Web

IMHO, uploading images to the web created by others without prior consent may
consitute a violation of copyright and, at least a violation of trust. Gentle
reminder: Images and manuscripts sent to all of you who received jpgs, pdfs,
cds or text files are intended for your private viewing, use and critique.

I ask that all those who have posted images created by me, please remove those
images from the Internet today. I may use those images in future submissions to
scientific journals and to have them pre-published on the Internet might
jeopardize my ability to do so.

In the present case, uploading to the web might have been excusable if the
website were kept secret between private interested parties. Announcing the
location and address to the very public DinoList was not.

Sorry to have to bring this up. Apologies accepted without notice.

David Peters