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Re: Sinosauropteryx feathers?

I lied... I have one more thing to say... NGMC 91, *Beipiaosaurus*, 
*Scansoriopteryx*, *Microraptor*, and *Sinornithosaurus*, all have the "Stage 
II" feathers, but lack the addition of "flight feathers" that *Caudipteryx*, 
*Protarchaeopteryx*, and *Cryptovolans* were preserved with. NGMC 91, 
*Microraptor*, and *Sinornithosaurus* are believed to have had not only 
feathers with rachis, but full blown flight feathers even though they were not 
preserved (Czerkas et al, 2002). Also, even though the brooding oviraptors lack 
any evidence for any type of feather, contour feathers (or large wing feathers) 
are theorized to have been present. (See Li, Dong, Azuma, Barsbold & Tomida, 
2002, Oviraptorosaurs compared to birds in the latest Procceedings of the 5th 
Symposium of the Society of Avian Paleontology and Evolution). Are these 
authors completely wrong in their ideas since the specimens were preserved 
without feathers with rachis??? If they arenât wrong, and with what I already 
 in my last post, what does this do with the probability of *Sinosauropteryx* 
and other ceolurosaurs in general having feathers with rachis? It opens the 
door wide open that's what.

Now I'm done. :-)