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Re: titanosaurs

How much is actually known for Opisthocoelicaudia? Last time on the list we
had a discussion about the affinities of thos genus, it was written down/
typed/ said that at least the pelvis was partially preserved and not as
complete as shown in common reconstructions. This could mean that the same
might also apply to the remainder of the skeleton of which various parts,
either Titanosaurian or non-Titanosaurian (depends on who's view is favoured
here), are missing. I do not mean to give an argument to both groups that is
possible to say that "it is Titanosaurian, but this can not be absolutely
sure because the material is lacking" or "it cannot be Titanosaurian, as
long as the missing evidence does not give extra information" and so fort.
Hopefully some one exactly knows what is known for Opisthocoelicaudia and he
can inform this to the list.


Rutger Jansma