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Re: Sinosauropteryx feathers?

--- "Fam. Jansma" <fam.jansma@worldonline.nl> wrote:
> Or not, if we use phylogenetics, this would make the Troodontids feathered
> and there is no evidence, absolutely no evidence, that Sinovenator and his
> descendants had any feathery intugement. And this is of all places from the
> Liaoning, where if feathers are preserved, they are preserved
> If we do find a specimen of
> Sinovenator, or any other Troodontid, with feathery intugement or a similair
> body covering, I'll accept that they were feathered, no problems, but untill
> there is no evidence for this, Troodontids should be restored featherless.

IIRC, _Sinovenator_ is from another part of the formation which does not appear
to preserve integument. (It's also not a definite ancestor to later
troodontids.) So feathers should still be the default assumption for
troodontids, since they are closer to birds and especially dromaeosaurids than
_Caudipteryx_ and _Protarchaeopteryx_ are, and since there is no reason to
believe they would have lost feathers.

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