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I'd just as soon pass on the bird experience.  Some years ago, my
college roommate hit a turkey buzzard with his Volkswagen.  The bird and
windshield wound up in the back seat, with he and his adrenaline supply
unharmed on the floorboard.  About 20 years ago my wife and I were
enroute from West Helena, Arkansas to Greenwood, Mississippi at an
altitude of 2200 feet when we flew into an extensive flight of ducks
that stretched for miles.  There seemed to be thousands of them, ane we
had to change altitude by about 500 feet to avoid them.  A couple of
years ago, I managed to put similar 'C' shaped dents in each of my wings
by whacking a couple of small trees after an engine failure.  The trees
didn't do as much damage as this buzzard did.
Thanks for showing us the images.
All the best,

darren.naish@port.ac.uk wrote:
> It's a good job pterosaurs aren't still around: imagine what
> would happen if a plane hit a really big one.
> Visit here to see what happens when turkey vultures get hit
> by planes (and, no, I don't think the bird survived)....
> http://www.artbell.com/letters86.html
> Jim, I thought of you:)