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Re: Sinosauropteryx feathers?

A lot of the lines of reasoning being used here seem to be based on the
assumption that the Sinosauropteryx specimens preserve Type I and II
feathers. This brings me back to my initial question: are the fossil avians
which show the same fibrous outline assumed to have Type I and II feathers
and  lack pennaceous body contour feathers? Again, opinions please, if you
have them.

One thing was said by Rutger that I have to take exception to: "one should
not restore any animal with feathers untill the evidence becomes
available.....Troodontids should be restored featherless."
This sounds reasonable, but let's remember that there is no evidence that
they had scales either, or indeed any kind of skin! So it is no more
speculative to restore them feathered than it is to do them scaly.

One more relevant thing, Ji and Ji say of GMV2124 "It should be pointed out
that a cross section of feather axes are found. Feather pulps and sheathings
are near round or oval, and distributed in concentric pattern ( Plate 3,
Covering page 3)." Annoyingly, I only have the text, not the illustrations.
Anybody have any more information?

Michael Lovejoy