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Pterosaur questions

1) Nyctosaurus didn't have any fingers???

So what did its entire arm look like? Any reconstructions that I can refer to?

And by the way, did Nyctosaurus have a small Pteranodon-like crest or not?

2) How many species of Pteranodon are valid? I've always thought of Pteranodon as being composed of 2 species, P. sternbergi & P. longiceps. However, P. ingens seems to be quite commonly used as well. So is P. ingens a valid species?

3) I've noticed that in many recent reconstructions of Quetzalcoatlus, I've seen varying restorations of the crest on Q's head. Some give it a relatively large crest while in others the crest is quite small & looks more like a little stub. And the Walking With Dinosaurs Quetzalcoatlus gives it a small pointed crest on the back of its head. Which is more likely. And by the way, I had no idea Q's head was so large as compared to the rest of its body. The whole thing looks so darned unbalanced!

P.S After looking of those photos of the turkey vulture that struck the plane, I shudder at the damage a fully adult Pteranodon or azdarchid could do to even a jumbo jet! Perhaps we shall see such a scenario in the 3rd instalment of 'Dinosaur Wars' or even 'JP4'. Keep your fingers crossed folks!

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