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RE: titanosaurs

Jaime Headden wrote:

> Thus, application of element number between species is not consistent, 
> and should not be used as consistent and therefore phylogenetically 
> significant.

Well put.  I would further add that mammal phylogenetics is trending in the
opposite direction, at least with regards to dental characters.  Certain
dental characters that were hitherto coded separately are being consolidated
into a single character due to experimental evidence that they are
develpmentally linked.

Dinogeorge wrote:

>> As I said before, does it make sense to regard every wing feather of 
>> _Archaeopteryx_ as a separate character?   >> 
> It just might. And I think it is certainly premature to conclude that 
> it doesn't. 

As Jaime said, can one equate each individual wing feather of
_Archaeopteryx_ with each individual wing feather of _Confuciusornis_, or an
emu, or a turkey buzzard?  I would say "no way".