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RE: titanosaurs

David Marjanovic wrote:
>> grades into amphiplaty and then into platycoely
> Isn't that the same? ~:-|

Strictly speaking, no.  Amphiplatyan: both articular faces flat;
Platycoelous: one side flat, one side concave.  Thus I should have said
"procoely grades into platycoely and then into amphiplaty."  however, in
practice, the delineation between amphiplaty and platycoely is not always
clear - the terms are occasonially used interchangeably.

> <head banging on keyboard> Thanks a lot for this link! How easy it is 
> to forget... :-(

Maybe you should stop banging your head on the keyboard - that won't help
your mental acuity.  Probably just give you a headache.