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RE: titanosaurs... and ichthyosaurs

> > Isn't that the same? ~:-|
> Strictly speaking, no.  Amphiplatyan: both articular faces flat;
> Platycoelous: one side flat, one side concave.

Aaaaah, thanks a lot. Always assumed it was the same. (In German I've only 
seen "biplan" in use.)

> Maybe you should stop banging your head on the keyboard - that won't help
> your mental acuity.  Probably just give you a headache.

Would ruin the poor old keyboard. Which is why I didn't do it, but it would 
have been a logical reaction. :-)

Next question: www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/people/motani/ichthyo/strati.html shows 
*Platypterygius* dying out neatly and conveniently at the Cenomanian-Turonian 
boundary, coincident with a small mass extinction and a very impressive 
Oceanic Anoxic Event. However, I've read of ichthyosaur crumbs from the 
Turonian. (I might even find a ref, but not primary literature.) Are they 
misidentified, reworked (by what? Wave action? Submarine mudslides?) or real 
and simply unknown to Motani (improbable)?