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Re: pterosaur wings and scans

Jaime A. Headden wrote:
> Jim Cunningham (jrccea@bellsouth.net) wrote:
> <I'm not sure that this is the case in all pterosaurs.>
>   Could you clarify............. and will cause a vertical
> animal to swing side to side, which humans solve by having joints in line
> with the plane of travel, as do birds.

I'm not sure that I understand whether you are assuming the animals to
be bipedal or quadrupedal.  And truth to tell, I've blinked my eyes
since the original response, and without the original triggering comment
included, I don't remember the original point I was commenting upon.  If
you wouldn't mind repeating it, I'd be happy to respond. (did I repeat
the word 'original' enough in that sentence?  fluid grammar ain't my