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Re: Unwin's high horse

Dave Peters writes:

<< PS. Regarding D. Varner's recent posting regarding tracing copyrighted
pictures: As far as I know, tracing is still legal. >>

       I didn't mean to suggest otherwise. I'd be in solitary with no chance 
of parole if it wasn't! My concern was copyrighting a tracing of something 
already copyrighted. I posed this question to a photographer friend who also 
runs an agency representing a number of wildlife photographers and artists 
and have just heard back from him. He admitted that the area was a little 
complicated and he lacked expertise, but he did have a problem with the 
practice. He said, "If the photograph was the only information source used 
and it was traced (a direct form of reproduction), I would think the artist 
would need the photographer's permission. In court, however, the case might 
end up hinging on things like how closely the tracing resembled the photo. I 
generally don't go after artistic renditions unless you can put it next to my 
own photo and it's really obvious it's a copy." Not necessarily a legal 
opinion but a practical one from someone in the business. DV