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re: copyright issues

Dave, you wrote :
Imagine, if you will, that you were working on a dig. Someone took a
photograph of the specimen. You traced it for eventual publication. You sent it 
to someone for comments and that someone placed it on the web. Now, it's not 
your photograph, but the tracing is yours. And third party you trusted broke 
the trust, in my opinion.
IMHO, in this particular case, you have to 
1/ be careful that noone you don't trust takes a photograph of your dig site 
(if you can prevent it officially, otherwise, you can't complain)
2/ if you give the photograph to someone, you take the risk to have it revealed 
if it presents real good interest. That's human. Even when done, it doesn't 
remove any merit to your work or interest to the dig itself.
Not that _I_ would do that, but I can imagine it can easily happen.
And as to Chris' site, how can you possibly discuss and critisize (in a good 
sense) photographs and conclusions if you can't show them. Can you imagine 
people describing the whole thing square cm by square cm without showing 
something? People would say they're nuts. AFAIK, the pictures were not used for 
making money.

My simple thoughts