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Ancient B.C. rock-eater * Feds Target Fossil Poachers * Call me a lizard king * SuperCroc at Carnegie Museum - DINOSAURNEWS

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The headlines:

**  Fossil hints at India's mythical river
Professor Paliwal said the centuries-long drought resulted in migration or
large-scale deaths of animals

**  Ancient B.C. rock-eater goes on tour
The elasmosaur - also known as the long-neck Plesiosaur - may have swallowed
rocks to help it sink beneath the water to hunt

**  Satellite images put Earth's artsy side on display
Some have been used by scientists to locate promising spots to dig for
dinosaur bones in the Gobi Desert.

**  Feds Target Fossil Poachers
Fossil theft is a growing criminal industry fuelled by affluent collectors
and amateur poachers who dig on government land, making it a federal offence


**  Artist promotes Antarctica, dinosaurs
Stout promoted dinosaurs in general and the preservation of Antarctica in
particular as he discussed his varied career

**  Fossil's dinosaur-bird link was glue
When the smuggled stone slab first surfaced at a Tucson mineral show, it
seemed the likely key to a mystery of evolution

**  Call me a lizard king
Dinosaur man Simon Craig hopes his new business is a monster success

**  'SuperCroc' opens at Carnegie Museum
Visitors will find themselves face to face with a life-sized skeletal cast
of what may have been the largest crocodilian ever encountered

**  Molting Habits May Have Led To Extinction Of Trilobite
Brandt's proposed connection between arthropod molting and evolutionary fate
is based on two pieces of evidence

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