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Re: High horse stabilised

HP Unwin defined:
(1) 'High horse'. A figure of speech; to get on ones high horse means to
pontificate about something (usually that one is rather obsessive about),
often with the effect of 'talking down' to the object of ones attentions
(obviously a high horse helps in this respect). An ostler is someone who
looks after horses.

Various unreal horse species have survived for centuries despite having only
a single exemplar, a case in which the type specimen is truly definitive of
the breed.
I'll add 'hobby horse' to the list of unreal horses, defined as an interest
that won't quit expressing itself, often in the same words.  First observed,
I believe, in Tristram Shandy, by Laurence Sterne.
I have a few hobby horses myself.  (This might seem to contradict my
statement about a 'single exemplar', but the herd is made up of clones.)