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Fw: Alvarezsaurid queries

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From: "Fam. Jansma" <fam.jansma@worldonline.nl>
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Sent: Saturday, December 07, 2002 6:27 PM
Subject: Alvarezsaurid queries

Hi all!

While I was copying some papers and images of various material of these
weird little critters in the only good Natural History museum in Holland
(yeah, we got one), I was copying the various specimens assigned to
Mononykus and I came out with the following list:

MGI 107/6 (described in detail by Perle in a 1994 AMNHN-publication, also
the skeleton found on the Nagasato website)
MGI N100/99
MGI 100/975
AMNH 6570

And from the recent Shuvuuia-paper in Contributions of Science (A New
Specimen of Shuvuuia deserti Chiappe et al., 1998 from the Mongolian Late
Cretaceous with a Discussion of the Relationships of Alvarezsaurids to Other
Theropod Dinosaurs) here is a small list of the specimens known for

MGI 100/975
Referred (published):
MGI N100/99
MGI 100/1001
MGI 100/977
MPD 100/120

Based only on this list, it appears that Mononykus is only known from the
holotype and the AMNH 6570 specimen, but:

a) is this list still verified for Mononykus? I mean, have there been more
specimens discovered that are assignable to this genus apart from these two?
b) is the AMNH 6570 the material that was lying on a AMNH shelf without
being identified as an Alvarezsaurid for some decades untill it was
re-identified? And does someone have any good quality photographs/ line
drawings for this specimen? All I have got is a very vague photograph taken
through glass when the specimen (???) was on display at the AMNH with the
Fighting Dinosaurs exhibit... :(


When I returned from my trip to the library and cataloging the material in
my computer the following list for Shuvuuia-specimens in my file emerged:

MGI 100/977 --- skull
MGI 100/975 --- caudal vertebrae, pelvis
MGN 100/00 --- pelvis, fibula
MPD 100/120 --- skeleton (juvenile/ sub-adult IIRC)
MGI 100/1001 --- skull

And based on the paper Contributions of Science, at least some of these
specimens are better known from that is available in my files.

My question is: Could someone please send me a verified list of known
material for each of these specimens and maybe some line drawings of the
specimens as well?

I ask this because of I am reconstructing the various genera assigned to
this family and the library did not have all the references that were on my
small list... And the www and Alvarezsaurids don't mix appearantly as very
little detailed information is available -:|

Thanks in advance for any help!


Rutger Jansma

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