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Re: Dinosaur Illustration

From: "Chris Benzinski" <cbenzinski@hotmail.com>

I want to draw dinosaurs. My approach is a bit freestyle as I'm not to clued up on the anatomy or physiology of prehistoric reptiles

Nor am I, really (well, I like to think I've got a little more anatomy under my belt than when I first started). But one of the books Dan pointed out, _Predatory Dinosaurs of the World_, is useful for theropod musculature. Just keep in mind that understanding a dinosaur's range of motion is often limited by its musculature (among other things) and that understanding this is important when trying to portray a plausible restoration.

Where do I start ? What do I need ? Is there a future in this field and who are potential clients?

Like Dan said, pictures or photos of the skeleton are a necessity... but it doesn't end there. Look to modern animals as a source of inspiration for your textures, colour schemes, poses, etc. And when possible, use the evidence we have in the fossil record to compliment your drawing and to illustrate a point. It's always great when a drawing serves some use.
And although there may not be a lot of room for professional paleoartists, I'm sure the determined ones can make it.
Happy drawing,

Jordan Mallon

Undergraduate Student, Carleton University
Vertebrate Paleontology & Paleoecology

Website: http://www.geocities.com/paleoportfolio/
AIM: jslice mallon

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